Join us and be part of the growing movement that wins back Warrington South for Labour.

Growing up, I saw first-hand how the most deprived areas can have the strongest communities. Caring and looking out for one another. These values were instilled within me from an early age and still inspire me every single day. 

Warrington South is where I live with my husband and where we are raising our young son and daughter. I joined the Labour Party here over 17 years ago. 

Warrington is a great place to live but the Tories have ensured that not everyone has the same share of all the possibilities it offers. That’s wrong. 

The Conservative cost-of-living crisis isn’t just a few people ‘feeling the pinch’ — it’s families starving, nurses using foodbanks, older people cutting down to one meal a day and getting on the bus to stay warm. Public services are hollowed out and the safety net is stretched ever thinner. It’s time for real, radical change.

Local Labour members are telling me they need a candidate who understands Warrington South — someone able to win this constituency back for Labour.

I am an experienced and energetic campaigner who will bring people together to fight for every vote at the next General Election. Only Labour can put a stop to Boris Johnson’s government of dishonesty and cruel indifference.

Together, we can take the fight to the Tories and win for Warrington South.

Why I'm standing

A track record of
delivering for Warrington

Secured £4.2m for the Bewsey & Dallam Hub

Sarah was determined to see the Bewsey and Dallam Hub become a reality. Hugely significant for the health and wellbeing of the community, the new community and leisure facility on Longshaw Street opened its doors in November and is already proving to be popular with local residents. 

Supporting flood victims

In 2021, Storm Christoph hit our communities hard. Sarah provided advocacy for the residents affected and worked with local schools, emergency services and the council to open an emergency supplies hub.

Since then, she has been working with the Council and Environment Agency to ensure action is taken to mitigate further flood risk.

Improving our local environment

Working hard to address flytipping, Sarah has been involved with setting up a community garden, she regularly organises litter picks and clean-up days.

She was part of the team which revamped the Whitecross underpass and, alongside residents, she successfully campaigned against the proposal for a waste transfer site.

School uniform swap shop

Started by Sarah and local community champion Vicky Pickering, the swap shop is going from strength to strength, despite increasing demand.

The project helps families feeling the pressure of the cost of living crisis, whilst avoiding waste by ensuring the recycling of uniforms for those who can make further use of them.


Partnerships on affordable food

Sarah is leading on several projects to tackle food poverty. She routinely volunteers at The Bread-and-Butter Thing (TBBT) in Dallam, which brings affordable food and wraparound support to the community.

Additionally, she is on the team which is delivering a local community shop that will offer high-quality, low-cost food and household products.

Action on violence against women and girls

Sarah proposed a cross-party motion to Warrington Borough Council in the wake of Sarah Everard’s tragic murder in 2021.

Following the motion, a Warrington Safer Streets initiative was launched to tackle behaviours linked to violence and harassment against women and girls.

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